Holding the Mic for the Archives: Volume 1

This blog is an ongoing celebration of ideas and people and an extension of my educational philosophy.

Here at Refreshing Wednesday, I’ve been holding the mic for students (i.e., learners and learning organizations) since November 2015. One thing that bothers me about my design is that some great ideas — and people — are folded into archives, five years deep, and forgotten.

Recently, I noticed a WordPress feature that allows me to format text blocks as tweets. I’m going to use it to “hold the mic” for the Refreshing Wednesday archives, making it easy for you to become a fellow mic holder, as well. You just have to press Tweet and then edit the text until it looks the way you want it to (this last part is really important because the Tweet text adds an extra URL and often other gibberish). I’ll start with five and we’ll see how this goes.

Here’s an ode to my teachers which is a book I should probably write.  Its title pretty much says it all:
The teachers who knew me best mattered most.


Here’s a workflow for blogging that I adapted from the past practice of the inimitable @reshanrichards.  The message isn’t “do what we do” so much as it’s “have a workflow.”


How an artist (who happens to be @austinkleon) studies.  My favorite interview ever. 


The 50 mile rule for friendships.  Caution: this one will bug you as you begin to travel again (because you’ll know it’s true . . . and it’s difficult to actually practice).  


Intuition Tuition.


Thanks for reading and for engaging with these ideas and people — then and now!

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