The One with the Best Feedback Loop Usually Wins

A few posts ago, I poked some fun at GMail’s Predictive Text feature. Writing an email today, I accidentally clicked part of the screen that I don’t often click, and I launched a window that invited me to provide feedback about the available predictive text.

Now I’m rethinking my joke . . . or realizing that maybe the joke’s on me, a human writer with a fairly non existent feedback loop.

California Notebook: Wabi-sabi Edition

Wabi-sabi, to oversimplify, is a view of things — art included — that allows for impermanence and imperfection.

In that spirit, and certainly without fully earning it, I’m declaring the California Notebook Blog Series to be complete . . . or, rather, incomplete, imperfect, and therefore just fine.

If you’re interested in some weekend reading, here are all the entries in one place:

Entry 1: Intro + Stanford Design School Notes

Entry 2: Synapse School Notes

Entry 3: 18 California Scented Questions

Entry 4: Scott Barry Kaufman on the Mic