Powered by the F250 Cigarette Lighter

I’m a big fan of the band Big Thief, so of course I was delighted to learn about the recording process for their most recent song. It unfolded during a power outage. In fact, it folded that outage into something brand new. Here’s guitarist Buck Meek painting the picture as only he can:

On the third day of the outage, I found Adrianne [Lenker] on the porch writing a new song, so I sat with her and we finished it together, with the rain falling from the gutters splashing over our guitars. James [Krivchenia] and Sam saw us writing, and quickly set up a four-track tape machine in the kitchen, powered by the F250 cigarette lighter out in the yard. They set up the drums by the sink, and Max [Oleartchik] plugged his bass into a Bluetooth speaker set on top of the stove. Take two had a great bark from Sam and Hannah’s pup Jan during the solo, but we ended up going with take three because it took us about that long to learn the chords. Then we made pancakes and sausages and ate breakfast for dinner.

So that’s some inside baseball for music geeks . . . and also a nice reminder that creativity finds a way, flaws can be part of the song, and sometimes the spark you need is in an old car out in the yard.

Source for quote: Rolling Stone

Source for photo of the f250 cigarette lighter fuse: Youtube

Link to the song: “Certainty”

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