Worth Noting

Here’s Aaron Dessner describing, via press release, the process that led to his new album with Justin Vernon.

I don’t think the record would exist without the community that came together to make it. . . .  We took the music to a certain point, and then we reached out and sent it far and wide, inviting friends to contribute any and all ideas. We’ve viewed the record and the process from a community standpoint. We’re incredibly excited about it, as excited as we would be for any album we might make in another situation that’s more conventional. But this feels like something new—the process felt different and the outcome felt different. [source: Pitchfork]

File under: New model for working / art-making.

Marginal Grib

Ryan Holiday has got me hooked on a new daily read — Marginal Revolution, the blog of Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok, both of whom teach at George Mason University.*

I’m sending this post about “grib” to my writing partner, Reshan Richards, since we love simple, low-tech collaborative tools.  I like both the concept (grib as bookmark) and the final admission (“I do recognize that the productivity gain here is small.  And much of that gain simply may come from the feeling that ‘I have a system’ rather than from the properties of the system itself.”)  Pragmatic, honest stuff.

*I now read 3 blogs everyday: Fred Wilson’s, Seth Godin’s, and Tyler Cowen’s / Alex Tabarrok’s.