Ray Dalio x Jim Jarmusch

In a recent Tweet, legendary investor Ray Dalio expanded on one of the principles in his recent book:

Most people seem much more eager to put out (convey their thinking and be productive) than to take in (learn). That’s a mistake even if one’s primary goal is to put out, because what one puts out won’t be good unless one takes in as well.

Source: Dalio Tweet

This reminded me of another quotation I’ve been carrying around with me. It comes from legendary filmmaker Jim Jarmusch.

One of our favorite Joe Strummer quotes was, “No input, no output.” Meaning, we’re going to hear a band, we’re going to go to a museum, or we’re going to go hang out with some writer that we admire. We’re going to get some input, because if we don’t, then we have nothing. It’s a circle. It’s a respiratory thing.

Source: Immortal Beloved – Interview with H/T to Austin Kleon’s blog.

I love (love!) the fact that these two men — or three if you count Strummer — true originals in their fields, put such a premium on learning, on input. It makes me consider again what a work week should look like. What a career should look like.

Where will the input time come from? Where will it live on the calendar? What percentage of the budget should it consume? How should it be protected? How can it be appropriately effortful?

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