Klingbrief (Volume 104)

The Klingbrief wheel keeps turning, as our editors and writers scour books and research journals and periodicals and podcasts and keynote lectures (etc.!) to offer encouragement and instruction and training and nudges and provocations to teachers and school leaders across the globe.

The work of education has never not been challenging. And it seems to require more nuanced understanding and practice with every passing year. Klingbrief can help.

The October issue will remind you about the importance of offering time, space, and grace to your students — and yourselves. It will equip you to build community, to cultivate belonging, and to reach beyond your typical models of thinking (and thinking about thinking). Best of all, it will invite you to take apart — by questioning — some of what we take for granted in order to rebuild — by imagining — some of what we might cherish. Dig in.

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