Refreshing Wednesday, LLC is a digital shingle for the going concerns of Stephen J. Valentine, an educator, school leader, and author from Montclair, New Jersey. It also hosts the popular blog of the same name.

Over the past decade, Steve has published a trilogy of books for people interested in education, leadership, and professional growth. Everything but Teaching has proven to be especially helpful for early career teachers. Blending Leadership has resonated with school leaders (both aspiring and established) interested in exploring a modern approach to leadership, branding, and networked organizations. Make Yourself Clear has served a more varied readership: everyone from school leaders, seasoned teachers, and business executives to camp counselors, lawyers, and soccer coaches. It is a book about the ways we can apply a teaching mindset to work of all kinds, not just the work some of us do in schools.

Steve’s articles and interviews tend to revolve around a common set of questions, often pitched at non-educators: given our context, how can we learn, teach, and lead in ways that transform ourselves and others?

He speaks about a half dozen times each year, most recently — and notably — at Google, SXSW Edu, and the annual conference of the National Association of Independent Schools. Use this contact form if you want him to speak to your team or organization.

All posts on this website are copyright Refreshing Wednesday, LLC.  Please share (with attribution).

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