The “Ego Epidermis,” School Leader Edition

If I could share anything with school leaders across the country, it would be this quote from writer Derek Thompson, staff writer at The Atlantic. (He’s writing about writing and writers, but you can just as easily substitute “school leadership” or “school leaders.”)

I wish there were a formula for growing one’s “ego epidermis” to the perfect level of thickness. There is not. All I can say is that writers of all ages should stay away from the extremes of hypersensitivity-to-feedback and obliviousness-to-feedback. Seek out wise criticism. Reserve time in your week for the regret that comes with getting things wrong. I promise the feeling will go away, and something else will appear in its place, which is learning. I write to learn. Maybe some people don’t, but I’m not sure what they’re doing with their lives.

Source: Why Simple is Smart.

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