Blog Experiment

What follows is fodder for a two-day leadership seminar I’m running in Memphis.  You can feel free to play along . . . or just show up toward the end of July to check-in on the results.

Step 1: Explore the following links (aimlessly at first).

Step 2: Find something that would actually help you to address a work problem you are currently facing or expect to face next year. 

Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of this blog post and add a comment wherein you share what you found or suggest a new thought leader to whom we should pay attention. 

Step 3, version 2: Publicize the thing you found (along with the author) via social media.  If you’re using Twitter, tag @lausannelearn and #LLIChat. 

Klingbrief Archives

Seth Godin’s Daily Blog Archives

Austin Kleon’s Blog

Fred Wilson’s Daily Blog Archives

Reshan Richards’ “Last Week I Learned” Blog Posts

Blending Leadership Newsletter Archive

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