The Most Interesting Person

I found this quotation in a book called The Alliance, which has served as a foundation for my thinking about the employee journey, from start to finish, in schools.  Consider sharing it with your teams in advance of conferences or meetings with people outside your school.

Knowledge isn’t valuable unless shared.  Every Monday, Reid [Hoffman’s] venture capital firm, Greylock Partners, distributes a  list of all the external people each partner is scheduled to meet with that week.  This allows the rest of the partners to trade notes and suggest questions that might generate useful insights or valuable connections.  Reid also asks the Greylock Consumer Team to regularly circulate their answers to the question, “Who was the most interesting person you talked to this week?” 

One thought on “The Most Interesting Person

  1. Today, I had the privilege to listen to George Couros as a keynote speaker at the LLI17 conference. Challenging me to be ever mindful and purposeful in continuous growth. Like a leader at my school always reminds us, “if you are not growing, you’re dying.”


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