10 Things You Learned at LLI 2017

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Yesterday at the LLI Memphis Conference, I asked a group to practice what I call “professional sharing.” We were midway through the conference, so I stopped my session and asked the attendees to reflect on their experience thus far by adding their thinking to a Google Doc.  Here’s a lightly edited sampling of what they came up with. 


The most interesting person I have met at LLI so far is George Couros. In addition to being the author of The Innovator’s Mindset, he is a motivational speaker for educators to refresh their mindset and attitude toward their practice in order to unleash the talents of the students in their rooms.


George Couros was very motivating to me. I loved the video he shared of the retired teacher and her legacy. 


The best thing I have learned at LLI so far is that there are many more educators who think like I do and want to find ways to engage their students.  I learned this from talking with a doctoral student at lunch who is working on a dissertation on intonation in the second language classroom. He is studying how people can understand “motherease” or sounds when appropriate intonation is used — even when there are no words being used.


One thing I have learned so far that I will definitely try to implement at my school is setting up a Google site as my class website instead of using wix.com.  I learned this from Jodi Goff, who led a workshop in educator collaboration using Google and how to become a certified Google educator.  


I have learned that Google Forms is so versatile.  I saw how it can be a survey or quiz and, if used as a quiz, will be graded for you.  I learned this from Jodi Goff who is an educational consultant.


At LLI Memphis I have been reminded of the importance of thinking flexibly.  From expanding my use of social media to sharing my thinking and work, to finding new ways to use the space I’m in charge of, whether physical or virtual, I see the value of being collaborative and flexible in a fresh way.  Thank you @sjvalentine and @gcouros for your inspiration to be more intentional.


The most interesting person I have met at LLI so far is Mr. A.  Mr. A who looks to be in his mid-twenties and yet has already taught for 17 years.  Mr. A who knows the rich and deep history behind education in Memphis and yet has high hopes for our children.  Mr. A who seems to be a quiet soul and yet has the cheerfulness to laugh out loud with good people about good stories over good BBQ chicken.  It is a pleasure to have met Mr. A indeed.


The most interesting person I have met so far would be the keynote speaker, George Couros. I loved when he said if you were not tweeting and hashtagging in today’s world, then you are illiterate. The world around us is constantly changing, and if we don’t get with it, we are going to be left behind. He gave me a new outlook on really bringing technology in and embracing it. 


The most engaging session thus far was the keynote speaker. I also went to his break out session. George Couros was engaging, insightful, and had so many concrete examples of why educators must change and embrace technology. We also spent some time working on our Twitter account, and that was helpful.


The best thing I have learned at LLI so far is that, as educators, we need to move from a fixed mindset to an innovative mindset. Instead of having students put their technology (phones, tablets) away, we should consider embracing what they are using and find ways that it can be used in a classroom setting.  They are going to use it anyway so why not use it with them to enhance the lesson. 

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