How I’m Working (an Infrequent Series)

Reshan and I recently signed on as official advisors of a company. Part of our early contribution is to review some of the company’s instructional materials and provide feedback. Today, Reshan sent me an email invitation to access an Explain Everything file. When I clicked on it, and signed in, I saw a prompt that asked me to “rewind and then play” a recording.

When I pressed play, I heard Reshan’s voice and watched him present, manipulate, and annotate different elements on the screen. Then I pressed record and added my own thoughts. We’ll send the file back to the company’s leaders in a few days.

Working in Explain Everything is an entirely different kind of asynchronous work for me. I’m used to using email and Google Docs to collaborate over distance and time, and these modes are obviously text based. What I like about Explain Everything is hearing my collaborator’s voice and seeing his response to images in close to real time, even though we’re working asynchronously. My challenge now will be to become fluent enough in Explain Everything to be able to understand when I should reach for it instead of email or Google Docs.

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