Forcing Functions

Here’s something from Craig Mod’s Roden 55, announcing a new newsletter designed to help him document a long walk he is planning.

All these newsletters and “experiments” are hacks to get me to “do creative work” and look more closely at the world. They establish systems which — by virtue of their very existence — create forcing functions that (largely) guarantee butt-in-chair working. This aligns with a lot of what James Clear writes about in Atomic Habits around building additive patterns in a life. These systems I’ve set up bring with them a bunch of corollary goodness, not the least of which is I get to share a walk with thousands of people around the world in semi-realtime. And can do so while staying off social media which I find, for me, allows for more time spent on rich work rather than public wheel spinning.

Heading into summer, the great rewiring of time for school people, this quote is the perfect reminder that you often yield that for which you design. And . . . sound design often throws off sparks of “corollary goodness.”

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