This week was hard, but this week I loved anyway . . .

  1. Fixing a printer with my daughter. The look on her face when it actually worked.
  2. Listening to old Built to Spill songs, especially the long ones.
  3. Reading Charles Portis novels after 5. Just a few pages at a time to draw a line between the workday and the rest of the day.
  4. That being home all day means seeing all the trees and flowers coming into bloom. That each day the progress is noticeable, although I never noticed that before.
  5. Turning on the television at night and watching whatever is on for a few minutes.
  6. New Waxahatchee music called St. Cloud.
  7. Talking on the phone with people.
  8. Texting a lot more with certain friends.
  9. Having lunch each day with my family.
  10. Hearing my kids (through the walls) talking with their teachers and their friends.
  11. Student thinking making itself visible in new ways.
  12. Asking how can I? about 5 times a day and usually finding a good enough way.
  13. Emailing with Dan about music.
  14. Chicken dinner, Wednesday night.
  15. Starting a new, small writing project with Eric and Reshan.
  16. Waking up slowly. Not having to rush through the morning just to rush through the day.
  17. The voices of people showing up in all kinds of new ways.
  18. My daughter’s advisor saying through a videoconference: “keep growing your friendships, your creativity, your hearts.”
  19. That good enough is good enough.

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