Seeing and Time*

I’m always on the lookout for productivity tips, but I find that many of them are mere retreads of classic works or ideas. Here’s one that felt slightly new to me.

Challenge yourself to figure out what meetings could be replaced by async communication or more transparent project management.**

Most people with whom I work are pretty good at “async communication,” though I feel that we could all improve in the area of “transparent project management.” It’s interesting to think that one way for me to reduce my time in meetings — and increase my time in really focused and concentrated work — could be to change the project management culture in my organization. I have control over this situation to the extent that I can model TPM in groups, committees, and teams for which I am responsible. Strategically, or in the long-run, I can make time by making certain information more visible to key stakeholders.

*Pardon the philosophy pun!

**Source: Postlight Business Insights

**H/T: Why is this Interesting newsletter from 11/22/19

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