Notes from a Podcast Recording

The podcast illustrated in the notes below will be up soon. I’ll share the final result once it has been edited and shipped. For now, spend a few minutes trying to make sense of Reshan’s doodles, and also, think about what must have been happening around them.

Here’s my version:

Reshan and I “met” with the podcaster over the phone. He asked us questions and recorded the call. Meanwhile, Reshan ran a backchannel for both of us via Zoom. He shared his screen and created live sketchnotes in Explain Everything while we spoke.

Yes, it was somewhat disorienting to see my speech animated almost as quickly as it rolled out of my mouth. And yes, there were moments of cognitive dissonance when I felt that Reshan focused on something that I didn’t mean to emphasize.

But these slight discomforts were well worth it for me because it’s not often that you see what others are hearing (and understanding) as you are speaking to them. It’s a potent reminder of the difficulty of clear communication and a profound lesson in the power of immediacy as a teaching tool.

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