Out of School

I sent this list to the senior class at my school today. It’s a short list of things they can do during their May Term, which is a stretch of time when they do not have classes and can design a project in the aim of completing it before graduation. Repurposing it for RW, I realize it’s essentially a list of all the things you can do if you want to learn and you’re not in school. It was partially authored by my colleague, Jill Maza. It’s not exhaustive, but it’s a start.

  • Write a novella.
  • Make a documentary.
  • Interview professionals in an industry that interests you.  
  • Perform service at an organization that matters to you. 
  • Make music.
  • Explore and document a particular aspect of a city (economics, architecture, culture, etc.).  
  • Make a podcast about a subject that fascinates you. 
  • Write a collection of poetry.
  • Make art.  
  • Learn to code.  
  • Perform.
  • Dance.
  • Do stand-up comedy.
  • Make a robot.
  • Make an electric motorcycle.
  • Record a series of lessons about a topic that, you believe, others should understand.
  • Write a play.  Have your friends perform it.
  • Make a movie.  Have your friends act in it.
  • Join Startup 101.  
  • Teach at one the MKA campuses.
  • Do research (and remember, research can be more than a history paper).  
  • Take photos. 
  • Study all the business models in a particular industry. 
  • Build something.  (A surfboard; a golf club.)
  •  Study something in ridiculous detail.
  • Write a curriculum. 
  • Design a game.
  • Write a book.
  • Vlog about a personal passion or pursuit.
  • Use a talent to give back to your school.
  • Spend time serving a social issue of meaning to you.
  • Design a solution to an issue you see in the world.

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