The Dream 100

Reshan and I interviewed Dan Martell last year. We’re still readying the transcript for publication, but here’s one tidbit that resonated with me when he said it and again when I reread the transcript several months later.

When I work with an entrepreneur, the first thing I get them to do is to write down their “Dream 100,” which is their 10 mentors, their 30 advisors, and their 60 peers. It might take them a year or two to create this Dream 100, but that’s okay.  The list matters.  

For as long as you’re building a company, it’s important to acknowledge that you will need mentorship and you will need to fill the gaps in your knowledge. So you will need certain people in your life on a weekly or monthly basis; you will need to spend time with people who are on the same journey, ideally two or three years ahead of you, that can inspire you, that can teach you, and to whose lives and careers you can contribute.

Source: Personal Conversation

I love that the Dream 100 begins from a humble place — you can’t know everything — and that it ends with contribution to others. Reshan and I are hoping to publish the full interview, equally chock-full of insights, later this year.

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