After allowing yourself to be very curious about the world, and to document what you notice, make the best thing you can.  Design.   

Find a way to reproduce it.  Design + Production.  

Price it fairly and put it in a “store window.”  Design + Production + Commerce.

Make other, smaller, secondary things that emanate from the same spirit, intelligence, and voice that created the first thing.  Design + Production + Commerce + Marketing.  

These could include: Talking to interesting people about the first thing and publishing the conversation.  Noticing and blogging about things that should have been part of the first thing but were not, due to time constraints.  Identifying and tweeting about things that contradict the first thing.  Designing infographics that explain the first thing.  Speaking into microphones about the first thing.  Inviting others to write about the first thing.  Riffing on the first thing.  Basically, following the curiosity that led to the first thing wherever it wants to go.  Marketing is Further Making.

Give away the smaller, secondary things, for free, sharing them broadly, tying all of them back to the first thing.

(The reason for the tying back is that the financial success of the first thing becomes fuel for the secondary things, justifying further investment in the curiosity that led to the first thing in the first place.)

The arc of all of this work, should it continue long enough, will naturally create a third thing — a combination of the first thing and the secondary things.  Art.   

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