Moving to Bcc:

I have noticed over the past year that the savviest digital communicators I know use a simple phrase in group emails: “I’m moving ______ to Bcc:.”  I had a hunch about what this meant, but I finally decided to ask them, specifically, why they do it.

After a few conversations, I quickly learned that this move is pure digital etiquette.  If A emails B and C to introduce them to each other, B or C can move A to the Bcc line as a way to say, “thanks for the invitation, we’re off and running now, and we don’t want to continue to flood your inbox with our correspondence.”  Because A was moved to the Bcc line, he/she/they will automatically be removed from all future emails between B and C.

As such, once you move someone to the Bcc line, you formally acknowledge his/her/their contribution to the present conversation and officially do him/her/them the favor of not having to keep up with the future conversation.  It’s another small way to be thoughtful in the (online) world.

4 thoughts on “Moving to Bcc:

  1. I like this a great deal. It sure beats how so many use the bcc function, which is sneaky. (The stories I could tell…) But I also must ask if the etiquette goes a bit further, which would mean the removing A from all further to keep down their inbox clutter.


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