Seeds of Future Work, Part 1

I’m doing a few keynotes this summer and starting a big writing project.  But my inclination, these days, is to share good things when I find them, rather than waiting for a big “reveal” in the form of a speech or formal publication.  So…

Here’s a quote from Charles H. Vogl’s The Art of Community: Seven Principles for Belonging.  It’s helping me in my thinking about authenticity and delight (key nodes for Reshan Richards and me) and also in my planning for some impending family time.

The psychologist Roy Baumeister conducted a four-hundred-person survey to distinguish happiness and meaningfulness.  His research indicates that “meaningfulness” involves understanding our own lives beyond the present time and place.  It comes when we reflect on what came before and how we’re connected to the future.  Meaningfulness comes when we integrate now with the future and past.  Our health, wealth, and relationships change.  Meaning creates a feeling of stability in the midst of change. (49)


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