Humans Show Me Things I Don’t Know About

Today on his blog Fred Wilson talked about his “non system” for consuming content.  One quotation stood out for me:

Most importantly, I do not allow technology to drive what content I consume. I use Twitter but drop in and out of it occasionally to get a taste. I don’t drink from its fire hose. I let Google Now send me alerts but I understand they are filter bubbling me and mainly use it to make sure I see certain things. I have a Facebook account but have not actively used it since they went hostile on Twitter almost ten years ago.

Maybe some day technology will be able to do for me what humans can do, but today it is the exact opposite. Technology shows me things I already know about. Humans show me things I don’t know about.

For the past two years, Reshan Richards and I  have been researching / writing about / discussing the key differences between things that computers can do and things that (only) human beings can do.  Wilson’s assessment is spot-on with our findings thus far.

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