To The People Who Dropped-In to My Office Today

Thank you for telling me your particular stories, in your exact voices, based on the precise accumulation of your experiences.

Thank you for communicating so directly.

Thank you for trusting me to listen and for helping me to understand.

Thank you for telling me about why certain things matter so much to you.  Your stories are powerful.

Thank you for being fearless.  For being willing to show both the polished and the unpolished parts of your present and past.

Thank you, in other words, for bringing me closer to the work that I ought to be doing.  For working with me.  For pulling me away from scripts and maps and well worn paths.

Thank you for changing me and for believing I am worth changing.

Thank you for insisting I am worthy of certain struggles.

I started the day with a long list of to-do items.  I ended the day with the same list and the knowledge that much of what was written on it was not worth doing in the first place.

Thank you for being present for me in a way that asked me to be better.

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