14 Interviews in One Day =


I had an amazing day at the Philadelphia Carney Sandoe conference.  I interviewed 14 teachers over a 7 hour span, and each one of them was interesting, energetic, and either committed to, or building a commitment to, independent secondary education.

One trend emerged: many people are drawn to independent schools because they believe that our schools offer a “healthy” approach to one’s career.  What this means (and I’m summarizing/synthesizing here) is that people believe that a career in independent schools will allow them to access, use, and exercise almost every part of themselves.  Such a career will build on their strengths, cherish and amplify their passions, and push them to grow.

Having spent over 15 years in independent schools, I feel elated at the fact that the independent school model, regardless of the school, is headed in the right direction.  We’re attracting extraordinary people to the field of teaching.  What a boon for our students, families, and colleagues.

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