On the Benefits of Exquisite Calendaring

My son was looking over my shoulder yesterday and he commented on the fact that my calendar was ridiculously full.  He told me that he could never live like that — with almost every block of time scheduled.

But then I explained to him that I’m not any busier than anybody else — what I am more than anybody else is careful about my calendar.  I like to be as deliberate as I can be about how I spend my time.  So I schedule almost every part of my day.

In part, I build this habit because few things are more fulfilling to me than being able to give my complete and total attention to the person / place / task in front of me.  And I can only dial in that kind of presence when I look at my calendar and know that I’m in the precise place I’m supposed to be, and at the precise time.  I work hard at calendaring because I want to be able to work with complete reckless abandon (i.e., total concentration) throughout my day.

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