Equity Maps

One of my favorite reoccurring Twitter stories goes like this:

  • An educator tweets out something he/she is working on and excited about.
  • Another educator responds and says, “if you’re doing _______ / if you like_______, then you should check out _______.”

This is the story of how Twitter ties together educators and helps them to iterate and evolve their practice inch by inch, which in my opinion, is the best way.

More specifically, here’s what happened today:

So now I’ve blocked some time in my calendar to learn about Equity Maps, which looks like a very interesting way to approach conversations of all kinds in schools. I also shared Colley’s post with the teacher whose class I observed, hoping we’ll have a conversation about it.

This story, like so many, is now to be continued . . .

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 5.00.18 PM

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