No Big Deal

A few days ago, I approached the copier near my office and started to key in my email address.  I was doing what I had done many times before — setting up the machine to generate a scanned document that would then be sent to my email inbox.

This time, as I started typing the first few letters of my email address, the address auto-filled.  This saved me a few seconds (or more, depending on typos) and felt like a small gift from the universe.

Today, a colleague was attempting the same process and the same thing happened.  He let out a literal yelp of joy.  When I asked him what happened, he told me, and one of our new colleagues overheard us talking.  She said, “I auto-programmed your emails into the copier to save you time.  It was really no big deal.”

“No big deal” is often quite rare . . . like other small kindnesses, courtesies, and supportive gestures that make certain workplaces so quietly special, so patently human.

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