A Good Decision

I’ve read that some decisions need to be made only once.  After that, they continue to produce a desired result.

This morning, walking into a conference room to prepare for a meeting, I was the beneficiary of one such decision.

All the chairs were pushed to one side and all the tables were folded up.  This was a conscious and deliberate decision — made once by the person who oversees the space.  In this particular room, whenever anyone leaves, he/she has to break down the room and push everything to one side.

As a result, when the next person enters the room to use it for a meeting, he/she has to set up the room.  More important, he/she has to figure out how to set up the room in order to achieve a certain purpose.

I’ve attended and run a lot of meetings in this room; sometimes the furniture falls into a familiar pattern, and sometimes it looks totally unique.  I never know what I’m walking into, but I know that one decision has made all the leaders in my school more thoughtful and intentional when they use this space.

I made a small table out of 2 tables and pushed the chairs in close.  Intentionally.  I wanted the group that was meeting there — the Department Chairs at my school — to begin the year in close proximity, looking at one another instead of at devices, a tight-knit group ready to share the burden and joy of school leadership.  The room offered a clean slate and I went with it, as someone once decided that I should.

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