About (more than) Andreesen Horowitz


I was recently reading the “About” page on the Andreesen Horowitz website.  I found myself there because I was trying to learn more about Ben Horowitz, whose insights often come across my screen / desk.  I really like the way AH clearly breaks up, and defines, its team around certain functions.  And I also really like how they articulate “Operations” and the fact that they have a “Professor in Residence.”

  • Investing: Backing brilliant entrepreneurs to build the future.
  • Market Development: Accelerating time to market and matching corporate partners with emerging technology leaders.
  • Technical Talent: Creating the definitive network of technical superstars, and developing the right program to support your people.
  • Executive Talent: Connecting and counseling industry leaders.
  • Marketing: Building awareness, and offering guidance through all the brandbuilding events an entrepreneur faces.
  • Corporate Development: Helping companies plan their financial and strategic futures.
  • Policy and Regulatory Affairs: connecting technology companies with the resources to navigate the regulatory landscape.
  • Operations: Ensuring a first class experience for everyone who interacts with the firm.
  • Board Partners: Experienced operators and accomplished technologists.
  • Special Advisors: Bringing to bear deep expertise.
  • Professor in Residence: Our liaison to academia helping transfers breakthrough from the lab to the market.

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