Notes on Fred Wilson’s Blog

I’ve written about AVC before, and I’m pretty sure this is going to become a regular thing as I process my learning from a source that has been consistently useful and enlightening.

Here’s a quote I like from March 16, 2017:

I love it when companies quickly get into a market, start delivering a product or service, and then, over time iterate on their products and services to expand the market and their share of it. Contrast that with a company spending years getting something right before shipping their first product. I much prefer the ship quickly, get customers, and iterate and automate approach.

And here’s a post about Disqus (from March 22, 2017) wherein Fred tells a business growth story fueled by a company’s ability to adapt more quickly than its bigger competitors. Additionally, he explains, in pure shorthand of course, that he invested in Disqus when he finally understood it properly: it was “a network, not a utility.”

Fred’s blog, I’m learning, is telling a consistent story as that story unfolds — i.e., what it means to live and work (and thrive) in a networked age.

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