Permission to Drift

Here’s Jim Jarmusch talking about the Paterson character from his film Paterson.  He makes a great point about the importance of routines for creativity (and one of the reasons that I park in the exact same spot every time I go to the grocery store).

[Paterson] likes routine, because routine allows him to drift. Because he doesn’t have to think about what clothes does he wear each day, what time does he go to work, what is the route of his bus. Even walking the dog . . . is part of his routine. Everything is laid out for him, and that lets him be a poet, because within that routine, he can observe, he can be an antenna, he can drift, he can listen to people, he can write his poems by the waterfall. He needs that.

The rest of the interview is beautiful, as well, especially when Jarmusch speaks (lovingly) of his many collaborators. Thanks to Austin Kleon for sharing.

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