Blogging Everyday, Everyday Blogging

Seth Godin writes a blog post everyday.

Fred Wilson does the same, only different.

Reshan Richards picked up the habit, too, and I’m trying it on at the moment.

As a reader, I really appreciate writers who try to share something each day.  I don’t expect these offerings to always be great, just like I don’t expect long dinners to be great for the entire duration of the meal.  You expect lulls, come to appreciate them as runways to greatness, in fact.  And a great bite (sentence) here, a great bite (sentence) there can make the whole thing memorable and worthwhile.

As writer, I’m enjoying the daily challenge of looking back over my day and asking myself a series of questions that seem, at the very least, healthy:

What did I learn today?

Where did I stumble upon joy?

What can I share that might be useful to even a single person?  

I’m finding that the simple act of asking these questions leads me to notice more of the good parts of my life.  I predict some lulls, but thanks for showing up.

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