Unbelievably Good Sentences

I read two great sentences today, both akin to a good meal — chewy, textured, flavorful, satisfying.  Entire essays are contained in each of them, and they demonstrate two writers who fully understand the past, present, and future of their beat.  

First, from Ben Thompson, writing for his Stratechery blog/newsletter:

For Apple what is next should almost certainly be guided by what the company is the best at: integrating hardware and software to deliver a user experience so compelling that consumers continue to self-select into the company’s own orbit, not building infrastructure on top of platforms it doesn’t control.

Second is from Zoe Camp writing for Pitchfork:

If Rubin’s uniform racket is engineered to tickle the reptile brain, then Burton’s approach to rock production–best illustrated by his recurring collaborations with the Black Keys–seeks to unite a divided audience through commonalities, developing frisson through the simultaneous overlaps and juxtapositions between genres, textures, and patches of negative space.

If you want to write sentences like that, at least three things are necessary:

  1. Deep reading in your subject area.
  2. Deep thinking about your subject area.
  3. Crafting enough sentences to learn how to write long sentences that contain multitudes . . . and don’t fall apart before the end stop.

Bravo Mr. Thompson and Ms. Camp.

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