Scrimshaw Folder: Part 1


Each year during my Spring Break, I pull out my scrimshaw folder, which is the place I collect various odds and ends throughout the school year.  This folder contains any scrap of paper that I have written on but not acted on, and this year, my folder is as thick as it has ever been.

What follows is a running transcript of what I found this year.

First I found a list of answers to a sentence stem prompt I used in August with the Department Chairs at my school.  The prompt came from Emily McCarren (Punahoe School):

This year, in order to be my best self for my students and colleagues I will . . .

  1. Prioritize people over perfection
  2. Improve self care (boundaries, recreation)
  3. Really listen
  4. Stay organized, get enough sleep, make expectations clear, balance [leadership] duties and personal wellbeing in equal parts
  5. Try to deliberately and intentionally stop working each day to the same extent that I try to deliberately and intentionally start working each day.
  6. Balance each week, not each day.
  7. Schedule time each week to reflect on the events of the past week and what could have gone better, and how?
  8. Look to maintain my drive and energy through my own personal wellbeing, both mental and physical.

I’m looking forward to putting these answers in front of this group when we meet again — to see how we’re all doing with our August intentions.

Random Questions

What should our workforce look like over the next ten years?

What is my school’s philosophy of faculty?

If I’m trying to change a certain teaching or leadership behavior, who can I ask to watch me, check up on me, and give me an accurate report on how I’m doing? (There’s a good reason that athletic coaches uses video to help players improve their form!)

Here’s an infographic from Erica Budd, the PD Coordinator at my school, reminding us about the bones of a good 75-minute lesson:


Which reminds me of this nice article that Erica published this year.

To be continued . . .

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