Making It Up as We Go Along

One thing I love about the world I live in is this:

On a Sunday morning, I can sit down with my son and daughter to talk about music.  A few minutes later, we can pull out our family iPad, open the Garage Band app, and play around until we make a few songs.  Then we can send those songs to my phone right before we need to leave for a trip.

In the car, instead of listening to the radio (like I used to with my parents), we can connect my phone to the car’s stereo and enjoy the songs that we made — together, after breakfast — earlier that day.

And when we do turn on the radio a little later, my kids say, “we could make that song” or “we could do better than that” or, best of all, “I wonder how they made that sound . . . let’s figure it out when we get home.”

Such simple magic, unavailable for much of my own life, makes me happy.

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